Wednesday, July 4, 2012


And here I am once again, finding my self in the exact same place as I was last year on my birthday... At my computer, finding beauty and inspiration to share with you. It's been wonderful being 25, I think I learned more about myself this year than I have any other. The most important thing I've realized, is that you can't search for's actually in you all along. I really hope you have found that as well, because if you don't you'll always be searching for something.

I hope you all continure reading my blog! And thank you for the beautiful messages and thoughts you've shared with me about 4th Of July. Next year this time I will find myself here again, sending my love to guys wherever you may be.

My one wish for us, is that we are all doing with our lives exactly what we want, and if something doesn't make you happy...stop doing it! We aren't here for very long, so only make time for the things that you love. Break rules, live your own life, laugh always, find peace, be kind to everyone you meet, and love love love.

be free
~ Daniella Liberty   xox 


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