Monday, December 31, 2012

Never Look Back

For the year ahead... Be brave always. Make mistakes, because if you make mistakes you're trying new things, you're learning, living, changing your world. Be nice to everyone you meet even if they're not nice to you, because they are the ones that need it most. Find a reason to smile everyday. Don't quit just because something is hard. Know that you can do anything you want with your life, so make it good damn it. Dream bigger than you've ever dreamed before. Always know you're loved by so many people. Don't let what you love slip away. Never be scared to do anything, the only thing stopping you. Remember you can change anything about yourself at any time, break bad habits and build better ones. Fuck what other people think...seriously! Don't tell someone about your favorite place...take them there. Life is so beautiful, even when you're sad, when it's cold, when you're sick, when you have a broken is still beautiful. Love others, but always leave room to love yourself.
I think about this past year and it seems to have drifted by so quickly. It feels like nothing's changed, but when I look back nothing is the same. People who last year at this time were strangers, I now keep so close to my heart. Things I never thought I could do... I did. This year do all the things you've dreamed of. 2012 is over so never look're not going that way.
Happy New Years to all of you beauties
Daniella xo

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The One That Made You Wild

Ladies, the knight with the shiniest armour has done the least amount of brave or cool shit.