Friday, July 4, 2014

If I Could Borrow A Dream From Yesterday

This last little while, I've decided to start actually living my blog rather than spending the time doing it. I always find myself looking back to posts I've done, and am inspired by the photos and messages I've come across.

This last year the universe has taught me some hard but beautiful lessons. I've learned that things rarely go how you expect. You need to let go of the life you have planned for yourself, and be open to a new path that the universe has waiting for you. At times it's hard to understand why certain things happen, but looking back it always makes sense. The universe has far better things waiting for us then we have planned out for ourselves. So let go, and listen to the universe. Some of the best and most important things I've learned this year have been sitting on a rock in my backyard by the river listening to the sounds of mother nature. It's then when everything makes sense.

Happy Birthday to 4th of July. And Happy me!