Friday, December 9, 2011

100 Things To Be Happy About

Today is my 100th blog post on 4th of July… So my inspiration comes from this and a Wildfox shirt that I love…

100 things to be happy about...

  1. running home barefoot at midnight
  2. daydreaming all day long
  3. road trips to an unplanned destination
  4. rock and roll music
  5. eating lots of chocolate
  6. breakfast in bed with a cute boy
  7. drive-in movies
  8. skinny dipping
  9. new dresses
  10. developing film
  11. campfires
  12. saying yes to everything
  13. swimming in the ocean
  14. staring at the stars with the boy you like
  15. first kisses
  16. the mountains
  17. puppies
  18. handwritten letters in the mail
  19. hot chocolate with marshmallows
  20. the first snowfall
  21. wildflowers in your hair
  22. junk food binges
  23. laughing till your stomach hurts
  24. breakfast for dinner
  25. coconut oil
  26. camping with your boyfriend
  27. picking strawberries
  28. butterflies
  29. thunderstorms on the porch
  30. getting flowers from someone
  31. record players
  32. making cupcakes
  33. bikini tan lines
  34. surfer boys
  35. hippies
  36. clothes right out of the dryer
  37. the feeling of being free
  38. the sound of the ocean
  39. riding on the back of a motorcycle
  40. live music
  41. boys who play guitar
  42. falling in love
  43. travelling
  44. climbing trees
  45. driving along the coast
  46. movie nights with the girls
  47. dreamcatchers
  48. summertime
  49. meeting a boy who doesn’t speak English
  50. riding home with a box of pizza on your lap
  51. BBQ smell in the summertime
  52. cliff jumping
  53. cuddling
  54. the first time he calls you
  55. knitted sweaters
  56. finding the boy you’re looking for in a crowd
  57. summer concerts outside
  58. getting new tattoos
  59. taking the perfect photograph
  60. scuba diving on the reef
  61. finding feathers
  62. hugging someone you haven’t seen in a long time
  63. horseback ridding in the woods
  64. rivers
  65. your dog waiting for you when you come home
  66. skinny dipping
  67. boys with shaggy hair
  68. good thrift stores
  69. kaleidoscopes
  70. going to bed when the sun is coming up
  71. when the airplane lands
  72. discovering a new favorite band
  73. grilled cheese with ketchup
  74. eating watermelon when its hot outside
  75. men with beards
  76. sharing secrets
  77. beach bonfires
  78. hot yoga after a long day
  79. tie dye t-shirts
  80. smiling in the middle of a kiss
  81. surprises
  82. mojitos by the pool
  83. discovering something beautiful about someone
  84. saying I love you
  85. hot soup on the coldest day
  86. waking up smiling
  87. getting backstage
  88. the person waiting for you at the airport
  89. bubble baths
  90. when little kids reach to hold your hand
  91. making someone laugh
  92. kisses on the forehead
  93. knowing that you’re loved
  94. falling asleep to the sound of rain
  95. when someone plays with your hair
  96. when your pet cuddles up next to you
  97. pretty sunsets
  98. planting seeds and seeing sprouts come up
  99. rollercoasters
  100. the crowd cheering when the band first walks on stage

So… what makes you happy?

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