Sunday, September 4, 2011

Freaky Styley


I’ve immersed myself in all the Chili Pepper hype with their new album coming out last week. I’m in a Chili Pepper funk you could say. So this post, like most of them, was inspired by music… and of course, it’s for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, one of my favorite bands of all time.

Right now I’m reading Scar Tissue (for the 3rd time) and as I was thinking of what to call my post today, I knew it had to be something funky and “Freaky Styley” popped into my head.

AK talking about Freaky Styley…

“Say it loud, I’m Freaky Styley and I’m proud,” was one of those born in the moment colloquialisms. At the time we called everything that was cool “Freaky Styley”. A dance, a girl, a drumbeat, anything. When this whole process was finished and we were sitting around the kitchen table going, “What should we call this album?,” Cliff looked up and said, “Why don’t we just call it what we call everything else? Freaky Syley.”

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